Month – May 2015

Biodiesel News

Diesel fuel that is made up of a mixture with animal fat or vegetable oil is called biodiesel. This is a more environmentally conscious way to fuel machinery, trains and vehicles and is produced by the chemical reaction of the vegetable oil or animal fat with an alcohol. There are many uses for this new […]

Transporting a Racing Car

Transporting a race car may be a little tricky especially if it is your first time to transport one. You actually have several options in transporting your car. You can drive it all the way to the destination or just use car shipping. If you will drive the race car to the destination, it may […]

How to Design Race Car Decals

Although there are thousands of different race car decals out there they all have certain things in common. At least the better ones do. There are some basic guidelines to design that go into any graphic and decals are no exception. Those five guidelines are: lines, shapes, mass, texture and color. Once you get an […]

Cars For Auto Racing

Auto racing also referred to as car racing or automobile racing, is one of the most popular motorsport events which involves racing of cars for competition. It is one of the most watched and televised sporting events all over the world. These kinds of cars are also known as SUVs (sports utility vehicles) which are […]

The Joy of Car Racing

Nothing beats the sheer thrill and excitement of watching a car race, live or on television. Seeing the cars go at speeds that regular cars cannot even hope to achieve, rooting for your favorite driver, and seeing them win, gives an adrenaline rush that feels like you were part of the race. Racing has regulations […]