Month – June 2015

Formula One Racing In Austin Texas

Austin, Texas will be the main location for the Formula One Full Throttle Productions event for from 2012 through 2021. This has added to the pride of Texas and is expected to bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. Texas is considered the 11th strongest economy around the globe, which […]

The Language Race

Ever heard of the language race? Youve probably witnessed language analysts throwing around statistics about the most popular languages on the internet, but very few produce reports about lesser known, growing, or even endangered languages. The growing social learning network and online dictionary / multilingual reference site,, took steps this week to encourage its […]

Winter Race Secret Review

Is the racing system called Winter Race Secret a scam? This racing system involves picking selections using a set of 4 step by step rules that filter out bets that have little chance of winning. Basically, users will be looking to lay horses which is betting on the horses not to win the race using […]

Vallam Kali Boat Race

The one experience that you must not bypass while in Kerala are the exciting boat races. Come August/ September and watch the crazy snake boats flag off for the Vallam Kali from Alappuzha. Vallam Kali boat race is one of the most spectacular cultural event in Kerala that attract the tourists from far and wide. […]