A Stag Day at the Race Track

Track days refer to planned events where groups of people gather together to ride motorcycles or drive cars around recognized motor racing tracks or in some cases disused airfield tracks. Many racing circuits offer this service for road-worthy vehicles or track ready cars which can race around the track without any speed limitations. Cars, both regular and 4 x 4 or motorbikes are allowed to reach maximum speeds on the circuits; however, competing with each other is usually not allowed. This is and experience where you can go and test your car or motorbike’s speed capabilities or simply get an adrenaline rush while on the track. For a person to participate in track days, it usually requires one to be a competent driver with a valid driving permit for the particular vehicle you intend to operate.

Participants are often divided according to their competence on the track. There is the experienced group which consists of seasoned drivers on the race track who are accustomed to the environment. The Novices are newcomers to the experience but have basic skills on the track. The beginners have no skills at all and require orientation so that they can accustom themselves to the new setting. Each of these groups takes to the track at their specified time to avoid any incidences that may be caused by difference in abilities.

Most track day experiences require users to come with their own cars but today a large number of organizers provide cars and motor cycles that can be hired for the duration of the event. Some provisions may be made for users to have the chance to get behind the wheel of superior racing machines such as Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini. This however is often done under supervision of instructors. This may be the only chance that you get to experience the marvel of these fast cars. Some circuits may also have on offer several 4 x 4 cars for hire.

Track days are a good way of improving handling skills of motor vehicles. Many regular participants have described the experience as one that is fulfilling and enables them differentiate between track and road driving. Incidentally track days help improve driving in either of the situations. As drivers and riders become more and more secure and confident on the track, they may progress to open pit lane events where participants are grouped and have limitless use of the circuit all through out the event

Most track day organizers have websites where all relevant information can be accessed easily including, event calendars, charges, car models for hire as well as other terms and conditions. In most cases, booking and purchase of vouchers can be carried out online Track days are essentially about having fun and having awesome day experiences in a suitable environment. It also offers a good opportunity to enhance skills related with motor control. This driving experience would offer a gift for a motoring enthusiast or speed junkie who will have a choice of several mind blowing motor sport experiences.

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