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1 Introduction Rapid development in science and technology today, people packaging to meet diversified needs of exquisite technology, the automation of packaging printing transmission requirements, location tracking accuracy requirements are high. To microelectronics, information processing technology, new sensor technology, laser technology and new processes and new materials used in printing machinery, intelligent, highly automated, high-performance technology is the development of modern printing machinery.

2, packaging and printing machinery Status

Our packaging and printing machinery, especially gravure production line late start, weak foundation. According to statistics, about 300 of our existing Packets Gravure printing production lines, nearly all from Europe, the United States. Japanese imports of industrial countries or Australia. Most of them introduced in the 90s of last century, the general use of the technology eighties and nineties, and some even the sixties and seventies the technology, the equipment has the following features.

(1) control circuit devices generally use a programmable logic controller (PLC) or computer control, in terms of this point. Or more advanced.

(2) the general use of DC gear motor, some of the sixties and seventies of the equipment used or slip speed control motor. DC main transmission speed by a host (or a communication speed host) drive a mechanical axis, then the mechanical axis through the root of the colorful group of die-cutting unit and the unit together, synchronous rotation. This mechanical structure through shaft until the web gravure press is still widely used form of transmission.

(3) registering devices generally use the stepper motor with reducer institutions (including differential, CVT, etc.).

(4) tension control devices also generally use stepper motors with gear box body.

Recent years, electronic technology and microelectronics technology forward at an alarming rate, with the attendant also led to the AC drive technology. Modern AC drive technology has undergone 20 years, is emerging as a mainstream electric drive, DC drive has been occupied by many in the field has been occupied by the AC drive.

3, mechanical ventilation shaft structure of the shortcomings

Six-color gravure printing machine web packets can be printed on a web? 6 colors. As the web gravure speed, level of representation rich texture is good, and have been widely used. But its high precision machinery. Especially since Paper Vulnerable to the effects of deformation temperature and humidity, stretching, even if the overlay were extremely precise adjusting mechanism, coordination of the various parts of action and very accurate, but if not high degree of automation is still hard to avoid overprinting inaccurate and can not guarantee product quality. Most web gravure printing equipment, general domestic use of mechanical ventilation shaft structure, need to be overprinted by artificial pre-location, complex operation, position error large, dynamic adjustment slow. Pre-position equipment are not allowed to lead to a very long running time with paper, resulting in much waste.

4, the advantages of AC servo drive

To address these problems, Europe and the United States and other countries some of the advanced printing press manufacturers have taken advantage of the existing AC servo drive technology developed e-web gravure press no shaft. There axis (traditional mechanical axis) compared to drive gravure press, the electronic machine canceled without axis web gravure printing unit mechanical links between the shaft structure, each printing unit are independent with AC vector inverter motor drives by plate cylinder direct drive motor, and adjust the plate cylinder phase to achieve the vertical register, the same time by a stepper motor to drive the plate cylinder of lateral movement in order to achieve horizontal register. This design brings several significant advantages.

(1) saved a lot of mechanical transmission link, due to mechanical wear and reduce the possibility of overlay accuracy down to a minimum, to increase reliability. Reduces maintenance costs.

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