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Motor vehicle chassis with its suspension, exhaust system, and steering box
A chassis (plural: “chassis”) (pronounced /si, tsi/) consists of a framework that supports a man-made object, analogous to an animal’s skeleton, for example in a motor vehicle or a firearm.
Examples of use
1950s Jeep FC cowl and chassis for others to convert into finished vehicles.
In the case of vehicles, the term chassis means the frame plus the “running gear” like engine, transmission, driveshaft, differential, and suspension. A body (sometimes referred to as “coachwork”), which is usually not necessary for integrity of the structure, is built on the chassis to complete the vehicle. Commercial vehicle manufacturers may have hassis only, owl and chassis, as well as “cab and chassis” versions that can be outfitted with specialized bodies. These include motor homes, fire engines, ambulances, box trucks, etc.
A armoured fighting vehicle’s chassis (hull) comprises the bottom part of the AFV, which includes the tracks, engine, driver’s seat, and crew compartment. This describes the lower hull, although common usage of might include the upper hull to mean the AFV without the turret. Chassis often serve as basis for platforms on tanks, armored personnel carriers, combat engineering vehicles, etc.
A chassis in a television, radio, or other electronic device consists of the metal frame on which the circuit boards and other electronics are mounted. In the absence of a metal frame the chassis refers to the circuit boards and components themselves, not the physical structure.
In computers, the chassis refers to the rigid framework onto which the motherboard, memory, disk drives, and other equipment are mounted. It also supports the shell-like case: the housing that protects all of the vital internal equipment from dust, moisture, and tampering. The term “case modding” refers to the artistic styling of otherwise rather functional and plain computer encasings. Main article: computer case for personal machines or rack mount for commercial grade servers.
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Frame (vehicle)
Backbone chassis
Monocoque, structural shell, instead of a structural frame
Tank chassis
19-inch rack
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