Deburring Machine – The Deburring Process

There are countless methods of deburring, but most methods can be classified into five different types. Each deburring process uses a deburring machine to get this process done. Even the simplest type of deburring, manual deburring, uses machines to achieve the finishing process. Manual deburring is often preferred over the other types of deburring. The machines for manual deburring cost much less. They require personal attention to the material being used as well, which some consider to be a very good thing in the use of materials. Perhaps most importantly, manual deburring offers flexibility where other types of deburring do not.

Thermal deburring is the process of using intense heat to accomplish deburring. It is used for burrs that are found in places that are difficult to get to. These places include tiny holes, corners or anywhere else that a machine or a person wouldn’t be able to reach. It is also used to deburr several materials at the same time. It is the quickest way to deburr material, requiring mere milliseconds to achieve its goal. But it is also the most dangerous deburring process. A thermal deburring machine must be put in a room that is explosion proof. The room is this filled with a mixture of special gasses and oxygen. This combination is very explosive, which is the entire point. The explosion is what gets the process done. The gasses are ignited with an electrical spark. The heat from thermal deburring can peak at over 5000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cryogenic deburring is used for deburring rubber and plastic. These materials are frozen using liquid nitrogen, dry ice or liquid carbon dioxide. A deburring machine is used to keep these volatile chemicals as safe as possible. Using the machine, the materials are frozen at a temperature below 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it easier for burrs to be removed from these types of material. Because rubber and plastic are durable, they benefit the most from this type of deburring process. If this process were to be tried on wood or metal, the entire part would simply shatter.

An electrochemical deburring machine is used to deburr with precision. It uses both electricity and chemicals to reach very, very hard to reach places. The good thing about this process is that the rest of the material is unaffected by the deburring. Using a pinpointed electric current and glycol or salt to achieve its goals, the deburring process will last up to 10 seconds.

At CDMC, we know deburring.  Whether your application calls for a high-volume, repeatable process or a flexible, easy to adjust solution, we have the right deburring machine for you.