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At present, China is a heating radiator in the producing countries and the use of power, many types of radiators, from the material on the points with steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and plastic of 5, divided into columnar in form, plate, airfoil, wing columns, plate airfoil, flat tube, string sheet type, finned tube, convection type, complex type, combined type and so on.

Saving and environmental protection are the current major concern throughout the world. To China’s sustained rapid economic development, and countries for the recent 50% of building energy efficiency goals, some big cities like Beijing, or even 65% of building energy efficiency. China’s current energy consumption for heating large, about 3 times the developed countries, new energy-efficient heat sink term attention should be paid. Are from energy saving point of view the characteristics of our various existing radiator while it scientifically selected.

From the material point of view, good heat dissipation, thermal conductivity, high thermal efficiency, relative to energy conservation. High and low thermal conductivity of various materials order: copper, aluminum alloy, aluminum, steel, cast iron, stainless steel, plastic. From the thermal efficiency of view, the best copper, aluminum followed, steel, whether you, the worst plastic.

Judging from the conditions of production, simple technology, mechanization, high degree of automation, energy consumption energy saving products. Complex production process of cast iron radiators, the overall high energy consumption, radiator production process is relatively simple, mechanical, high degree of automation, the total energy consumption is low, and low cost.

From metal heat intensity indicators, the number of high energy. Metal heat intensity in the standard test condition is the radiator, the temperature per unit of heat capacity per unit mass of metal, the unit is W / KG , it is a technical and economic indicators, reflecting materials, energy efficiency. Different materials, forms a metal radiator heat intensity values are different, cast iron 0.3-0.4. Steel 0.8-1.0 above, aluminum 1-3 above, obviously, the best aluminum, steel followed, the worst cast iron.

Install thermostatic control valve, can control room temperature, more than 20% energy saving, installation thermostatic valve, should use heat fast, high thermal efficiency of the radiator, otherwise the control ineffective, difficult to aim up to temperature.

Judging from the radiator water capacity, water capacity and the ratio of the small amount of heat energy radiator. Water capacity is small, heating, transport cycle energy consumption when young, fast heating, high efficiency, energy saving. Steel Strings, steel finned tube convectors, brass radiator water flow capacity of small, energy-saving. Introduced some major waterways currently radiator is misleading, it is not energy.

Assembly from the radiator height and number of pieces speaking, film is not too high, fewer pieces of the radiator assembly, enabling better heat dissipation and energy saving. Cylindrical column radiator should not be too few, while 2 column, 3 column better, but not saving column a few too many. Column a few more, can not adequately heat the column.

Installed energy-efficient radiator cover will reduce heat, 15% ~ 25%.
Takeover approach from the point of view, the next upward mobility out of the good. Sometimes both sides out of the following heat dissipation will be reduced by 20%. Out under the current popular focus on the next out for the hidden pipe, the radiator under the internal flow is motivated, has little effect on the heat capacity (about 5%).

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