How to Fix IndyCar Racing Fans?

Does your satellite television provide as much a sports fan as you are? The NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and IndyCar racing is not enough for us.  Exclusive options available only to satellite television subscribers make the sports experience even better for the serious sports fan!

In April 2008, your satellite provider struck a deal with IndyCar Racing to offer its customers exclusive IndyCar Racing packages to fans across the nation.  Outside of the high definition offerings through satellite television, there is also a company-sponsored kiosk at the race tracks where on-site fans learn about the components of each car, find stats on all the drivers and races, and learn fascinating details of racing history.

IndyCar Racing events broadcast over satellite in blazingly fast, full-detail high definition is the ultimate racing fan experience.  Next to being there, this is the front row seat for IndyCar Racing enthusiasts.  Races from across the nation are suddenly right there in your living room through your satellite television remote.

The IndyCar Racing Series drivers compete on superspeedways, short ovals, scenic courses, and temporary street circuits.  The variety of races and drivers gives racing fans a new and different experience each and every time they tune in.  The scenic courses are perhaps the most interesting, with the long pan shots setting the scene as the cars scream down the road.

You probably follow one or two IndyCar drivers as your absolute favorites, and also keep a close eye on the competition.  Drivers jockey for position in the rankings just as they do at 200 miles per hour on the track!  Your satellite television IndyCar racing sports package offers you one feature you will find no where else:  on-board cameras with a 360 degree view of the track.  See what the driver sees, in nail biting detail.

When you hear that your satellite television provider offers “exclusive” IndyCar Racing, you can be assured you will find no other programming anywhere else that even comes close.  Each race is broadcast in stunning high definition.  The sound quality is astounding.

You will hear the screaming tires and the shouts of the pit crew right in your living room.  Now, if only you could smell the smoke and burning rubber!  That would be a complete experience.

The IndyCar Racing package compliments the NASCAR HotPass programming already available through your satellite television provider.  NASCAR events from across the United States are broadcast in full high definition, and you choose the races you want to watch for one low package fee.  If you have ever watched NASCAR racing events in high definition through your satellite provider’s HotPass package, you already know you will love the IndyCar package, too.

We are serious about sports.  Just as serious as sports fans across the nation who tune in to their satellite television programming every day to get a little – or a big – sports fix.  Don’t settle for the hit or miss coverage other television providers give you – subscribe to any or all of the exclusive sports packages available through your one and only satellite television provider.

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