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At present, China Machine tool Information technology industry is not high, although some enterprises in recent years some progress, but still the main stay of the computer-aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP) and other digital design software applications in the management of information technology level is relatively backward, enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM) applications such as system is not mature. At present, the full implementation of the ERP business is not a lot. Although the financial management, inventory management implemented in a relatively mature, but the production planning management, cost management is still weak, especially in production management, shop scheduling and management, cost management and financial management integration is not high. In addition, the production assembly automation is low, most of the machine tool assembly of the main assembly by hand. Resolving these problems requires a higher degree of flexible manufacturing system, which is no doubt the implementation of information systems to bring some difficulties.

In China, currently promoting the machine tool industry, information technology, there are two major difficulties: First, enterprise information to the standardization of product data based on that data must be accurate and detailed bottom-up; Second, standardization in the production data basis, the company’s internal and external manufacturing, Pin Sales, service and management of the network to achieve the information integration and sharing. Here, the individual machine tools often become the company’s “information island”, not well used, resulting in waste of capacity.

In addition, the manufacturing company’s sales and service network are all over the country, how to integrate resources and information across the enterprise integrating development and expansion of the difficulty lies. Particular type of complex machine tools in the product industry, real and reliable product data and workflow normalization can effectively avoid because of human error caused huge economic losses. It is precisely because the machine tool industry with product technology complexity, demand characteristics of various types, which makes the information construction in this area seems especially urgent.

As the machine tool industry is a typical “process? Assembly” discrete manufacturing industry, the machine tool industry, the main points of information are: implementation and application to material requirements planning (MRP) as the core production management, and integration and cost management . For the machine building enterprise information following a few tips:

First, the business information needs to be clear, strategic goals should be clear. Enterprises not only to improve the product itself and the application of information technology development level, while improving the level of management information, and shall prevent the implementation of the process deviate from the strategic objectives.

Second, the application management software, and processes need to change the combination. If the business processes and information systems can not match the information systems function will not work.

Third, we should fully consider the special circumstances or emergency response approach. Problems such as product quality, customer demand changes, and the return of goods. Because of these unexpected events will bring a range of issues related to plans, costs, finance, information systems should be implemented so thoughtful.

Fourth, the implementation of which should guarantee the authenticity and validity of data. Meanwhile, enterprises should set up a production plan from the primary to the material requirements planning, to the job shop scheduling and shop floor management, integrated planning system.

Machine tool industry, information technology is not an overnight matter, such as Dalian Machine Tool industry leader in planning since 2003, after a 5 to 6 years the level of information before beginning to take shape. The Government’s guidance, the promotion of major projects is important, but the information dominance of the major driving force and the enterprise itself or in the real sector of information technology to achieve the long way to go.

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