Mclaren Road Car

Mclaren is a powerhouse in the Formula one racing world; a car producer based in Woking, Surrey, that produces some of the most spectacular pieces of machinery in the world. Drivers for the brand have included Mika Hakkinen and Adrian Newey, and currently they boast the drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. The brand was founded by Bruce Mclaren in the sixties, a driver from New Zealand who decided to race his own cars, and the vehicles have commanded a prestige element ever since.

But now they are focussing on expansion and have recently released a road car. Moguls at the company believe that to preserve the company, they need to diversify away from just a formula one racing car, and therefore they have come up with the concept of the MP4. It has taken the team thirty years to come up with an option that they feel has its own merits, and they hope that with ambassadors like the current racing drivers at the helm of the brand, that it will be a huge success.

The company has plans to release a host of sports cars over the next decade and the first will cost around one hundred and fifty thousand pounds, putting it well out of the price range for the majority of us and ensuring that the brand remains prestige for the rich and famous. The brand feel that despite the price, the car will be in high demand from the public.

We are in a world where there is an ability to express your personality and your personal achievements by owning efficient products and well designed products.

“You can accurately tell the time for £2, but if you have an appreciation of craftsmanship, of style, of brand values, you can sit comfortably with a watch that costs £100,000.” Said Mr Dennis, spokesperson for the brand, showing how the company feel the need to make sure that the performance of the vehicle is at the standard that they continue to set in the formula one market.

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