NASCAR Race Drivers – How They Get Started

I got to wondering what is all involved to become a NASCAR Race Driver.  Some of the big names in racing today started as young as four years old!  A young child interested in becoming a NASCAR Race Driver may want to start young in the carting in your local area to get practice handling a vehicle, and get their name out there.  Some tracks that run open wheel Midgets and Sprints do allow drivers before they are of legal driving age on the tracks.  Some people suggest getting a “pit pass” to get in and talk to some officials and drivers. 

In reading up on this, I found out that someone’s physical condition can actually affect his or her ability to become a successful NASCAR Race Driver.  Physical health can affect their ability to tolerate the heat and intensity of the racing experience.  The weight of the driver can also be important, because every pound affects the car’s performance and speed.  A good education is a good thing to have to be a race driver because if someone would want to get a good sponsor, that sponsor needs to know they will be represented by a quality individual.  That means speaking well for the camera and also knowing more and more about the technology and new innovations with the race cars.

There are some other factors that I’ve never thought about drivers learning before becoming a NASCAR Race Driver.  For one, the development of hand-eye coordination is surely incredibly important.  I also found out that there are some driving courses and schools out there that prospective race drivers can attend to learn specific driving skills for this type of racing.  Learning about cars, everything about cars, is imperative to this arena.  The drivers must understand everything imaginable about a race car so that when it’s time to go, they can talk to their crew knowledgeably. 

It sounds like just about anyone could join the NASCAR race drivers if they have the drive (no pun intended), the dream, the determination, and the persistence.  Perhaps some natural talent for being behind the wheel is helpful too but, it can take years of training in other classes and a good stroke of luck to catch the eye of one of the big NASCAR teams. Even then, very few race drivers ever get the chance to hit it big in NASCAR.

Dave P Franklin is a regular contributor to the popular oval track racing blog, and other favorite NASCAR fan sites.

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