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It’s all go in 2011 for all the racing events with the F1 associated names attached. The highly prestigious Motor Car event kicked off with an unpredicted controversy surrounding it as one would expect with the unrest in the Middle East and the subsequent outcome of the Bahrain race been thrown into confusion and then a confirmation of rescheduling the race. This was great news for all Motor Sport fans who enjoy the wonderful and spectacular event to which the Bahrain circuit provides.

The F1 Power Boat series is about to make history by staging its first race in Europe and will be held in Portugal at Portimo on the estuary on the River Arade and despite the economic situation of recession in Portugal, this should turn out to be a great event for spectators and visitors to Portugal seeking some kind of excitement. These small but very powerful machines are a real excitement to watch and being staged on a tidal river will provide a real test for the drivers who turn out on the 29-29th May 2011 to provide the supporters with some real thrills.

The little known but equally exciting F1 Air Racing season started in my old home town of Reno Nevada in the USA. Whilst it’s not so well documented outside of the USA which I for one feel is a crying shame, I can confirm to all and everyone that this event is equally as exciting as all the others and a real treat to go and watch. The F1 Air Race takes place in Reno and has an added edge to create a gasp of fear for the spectators as these almost acrobatic pilots fly at up to 300 mph and use technology provided by NASSA to develop the power plant is provided in a standard Cessna aircraft from 100-150 mph to the 300 mph barrier. All of this takes place whilst dodging the mountain terrain and swooping down into the valley where the spectators can almost stretch out and touch the pilot.

There is even a F1 Motor Cycle Race today which has been running with major following from all over the world. The bikes are able to reach super fast speeds in excess of 200 mph and whilst having global coverage, I think it would be fair to say that Spain has embraced all forms of Motor Bike Racing including F1 Motor Cycle racing as almost its own as the support for it is simply huge and could be described as a national sport.

F1 Sail is a yachting event which is a very specialist event and mainly focussed upon the centres of Europe, USA and the Middle East and the support for this event is growing fast. It is a highly technical event and not focussed so much upon high speed as technical ability and the reality is that skills and tactical thinking are makes this event so competitive. It could be describes as a race for Gentlemen and ladies and these comments are purely complementary.

Finally we come to F1 Hoverpod Racing which is a newest member to take up the challenge of F1 and is focussed directly upon the sport of Hoverpod Racing. We have a good following from all four continents and have several advantages over other motor sport as we are rarely effected by the weather. It could almost be said that adverse conditions such as ice, snow or wind creates for more testing and spectacular racing and as Hoverpod Racing has the advantage of low cost and divers circuits, we like to think we have something more to offer than traditional motor sport. Check us out at and bring along the family for a day’s racing. We undertake to provide you with the following when you visit a F1 Hoverpod Racing circuit, Excitement and close contact high speed racing and to that end we are unique in being able to provide this on water, snow, ice or land.

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