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Imported vehicles Product Although the current market share of the domestic navigation is not high, but the product of advanced design and navigation functions of human navigation products in the domestic setting is not available, is also worth studying domestic manufacturers of. Likely that many users will feel we have some kind of xenophilia, but we need to tell you that, as representative of the current GPS Car imports advanced concept is indeed a need for the concerns of our domestic manufacturers, either from the product design or navigation-related functions set, the humanity and the navigation function to set the details of address are quite in place, today we test imports of Garmin car with machine products, the opportunity to come and everyone can work together to understand the advantages of imported products.

PK machine imported cars made in China

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The analytical testing and evaluation conducted by our original not the same, we do not simply functions of the product list, and description. The main purpose of this test was representative of the depth of excavation machines imported products Garmin car navigation What are the advantages in functionality, combined with our actual road test to experience the practicality of these navigation-related features, and look at the import cars on behalf of foreign monks machine built-in navigation technology innovations in the end, some real gold or silver lace, next to please everyone and our common foreign monks to witness the memoirs.

We first look at Garmin imported products on behalf of three brothers in appearance with the national mainstream products which similarities and differences. First, from a design point of view seems to import Garmin car machine appears to have a number of dull, ordinary plastic body with a more low-key Black and silver body, and domestic gorgeous piano paint seems out of tune, the back shell using the same plastic body design body only uses non-slip surface treatment, compared to domestic products in terms of advocating the metal shell seems a lot cheaper, but imports from the practical point of view, superior. Garmin

three brothers in the screen display area were used by 3.5 inches, 4.3 inches and 5 inches in three different sizes of the bright LCD screen display, not only the screen display size range also highlighted the configuration screen display enables users to get traffic clearer map display, compared to the national emphasis on beauty products, practical self-evident mirror faction. In addition, relative to the size of the domestic car manufacturers get together and large the phenomenon of machine products, Garmin has also introduced a variety of sizes Product initiatives is undoubtedly the right choice to the user, the user can choose according to their use needs.

3D Virtual machines can now be regarded as domestic car navigation killer products, many products will be to support the 3D Virtual product as a promotional selling point, the usefulness of 3D Virtual phase because we have been measured in detail the way, we believe that evaluation of a 3D Virtual product models mainly depends on the strength of the real environment of Live Maps and restore capabilities. Garmin Vehicle Virtual Machine product supports 3D navigation capabilities, and official data from the point of view 3000 3D Virtual Figure junction junction with nearly 100,000 model map, data-rich Virtual absolutely unparalleled. Through the Garmin

actual drive test car felt machine, the machine Virtual Map of the reduction degree is very high, not only will the user’s forward direction entrance ramp to restore the most vividly, even the traffic signs, road signs and the surrounding streetscape and ground transportation mark or even green trees and street lights can be Full to Virtual Map Dengjun form is presented to the user, allowing users access to immersive navigation experience. And users can also complex with Garmin navigation systems junctions guidelines to obtain the more intuitive full-screen Virtual show really covers the whole process of Live Maps and navigation, real, realistic 3D Virtual navigation can bring your brand new navigation experience extraordinary .

Garmin car unit if the 3D map reflect the advantages of imported products not the case, then introduce you to Dynamic Drive Navigation is both functional and absolutely fresh and navigation-related functions. As a Garmin car navigation technology innovation is one machine, dynamic Drive turn prompted navigation allows you clear direction and lines while still avoiding the occurrence of violation, while Dynamic Drive also prompted the former to provide users with basic information to the direction of the road, according to Dynamic Drive prompted to select the appropriate indirect travel routes not only improve efficiency but also reduce the travel lane and line users about the dangers.

Likely that many users will encounter this situation: GPS tips in front of left, left turn lane because the limited number of users mistakenly driving to the straight road, users want to brave the danger of illegal and virtually scratch to fix their own driving directions, if Dynamic Drive Vehicle Product has prompted it, users can easily get re-entering the intersection before the traffic lane in front of the number, and the system will provide users with the appropriate choice of the advantages of dynamic Drive tips out at this point to highlight. At present this function in the domestic car Product rarely see that on behalf of the Garmin car imports slightly better machine.

We only representative of the imported products for Garmin car navigation function machine for further analysis, the navigation described several innovative features are currently only in the Garmin car machine can be reflected, in fact, Garmin navigation systems in many details domestic manufacturers are also worth studying. For example, the destination fast spell check, photo navigation, sub-line time limit automatically avoided and high-speed information, although some of our internal navigation products that similar functionality can be embodied, but as Garmin products, these features are standard distribution.


A monk from the Scriptures, use this expression to describe the current domestic car navigation market, a little machine is not an exaggeration. Among the many domestic manufacturers are still in full swing in the Competition price, effort, time of appearance of the product-oriented, import vehicles Product has quietly with their own products, perfect navigation. From the users point of view, from the practical needs of navigation, and gradually improve the comprehensiveness of its navigation is the need to focus on aspects of domestic manufacturers. Product a successful vehicle, a vehicle authorized by the user by Product, not simply imitate others can be achieved, and the appearance of beautiful, rich entertainment is not necessary for an in-car GPS navigation details processing, human relevant functions to allow users access to more comprehensive navigation experience, the face of pressure from foreign monks, domestic manufacturers a long way to go.

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