Removed To The Car Cd Machine Washed Hill Who Want To?

Perhaps many car manufacturing CD Machine manufacturers and automotive supplies OEMs simply can not think, can not accept such a reality: More and more car owners after the original car after another car comes standard with a CD machine removed, no matter how your quality and sound still become the owner of the junk out of your cargo. Recently, a newspaper reporter visited the market and found that more and more difficult problem.

Days ago, my brother in Jiangxi on the experience of such a process. He bought a new Tiida sedan, the original vehicle to install the CD machine sound effects feel good, but because machines do not have the CD Navigation And reversing visual system, thought to want to go, he reluctantly sell and removed the CD, put on a set of Europe and China Car DVD Navigation, did not expect that after the change, Europe and China Car DVD navigation is still very good sound quality, and a variety of utility functions so that he is more comfortable when driving.

Original mid-range car owners began to love the CD, replace DVD navigation, and now more and more car owners have replaced the car’s CD, DVD navigation. It seems more feature-rich DVD navigation to meet consumer demand, coupled with modern economic development, business communication and travel more frequently, we hope that the car is more practical with a variety of functions, such as navigation, reverse video, DVD player, Internet search songs or videos, TV , Hands-free calling and other major features, life is more sentiment, no matter how simple sound effects, has been gradually more and more ordinary people are not suitable for the needs of car installed DVD navigation has been the general trend. But the consequences of replacing DVD navigation that is whether the individual in the hands of idle CD, or dealer to help a large number of customers down the CD, or just some of 4S stores up to, the demolition out of the new machine, I heard Some automotive supplies shop channel and there has been full of modification of these CD, originally attached to many OEMs. In the end how to deal with, it became the owner of a problem.

Scrap car CD, nothing more than low prices by selling scrap recycling, vehicle owners can not help but feel pity. Some of the Recycle Bin or even renovate these machines, then double the price sold in auto parts, which seriously disrupted the market order. Therefore, some owners called this newspaper would like to have factories can be recycled CD, which plays a vital market for clean, and this is also the urgent need to address this industry problem.

And, recently visited Shenzhen in the number of newspaper Electronic Factory, the person in charge of vehicle electronics companies, said: This split down the CD, DVD machines is a big waste of social refuse, on the environment will exert a negative influence, 100 years are rotten! Chinese people made huge electronic waste, this waste is becoming increasingly large, no one concerned.

Fact which is also a great opportunity, such as TV manufacturers to take the TM to (plus a certain spread, manufacturers recovery), and remote areas, middle and low vehicle or foreign third world countries, because of the price and the actual demand, they need to CD, here is itself a huge market in the short term will not go away. Who specializes in this area of business that are not allowed in the settlement of social contradictions, but also earn a lot of money the next!

Reported in the media after the fight all over the country received many calls over the majority said that a large number of removed to the car CD confidential sale deal. To this end, the author consulted, as the Security Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, Liu Yuping, general manager, said: These electronic waste, the reason why no one has recovered, mainly due to:

One, many enterprises have already have done car DVD navigation Video , And car CD machines are already obsolete products, most people are not interested in the morning. The reason why a lot of new cars sold with vehicle or CD, both to reduce costs and price competition in the market has advantages, but also because production in use. General advanced automotive products to enter the vehicle factory, to be OEMs (in the industry said the OEMs) are accepted, there is a long range of process, including relations, public relations, experiments, testing and acceptance process, so that good products often To back a long time to form a standard, entry into the consumer’s life. So many car owners, automotive supplies market demand for advanced when the vehicle out of the car plant but not the original car is still out of cargo loaded. Many car owners drove their own products to beauty shops, Car Audio Modification shop, 4S configuration disassemble their shop to take back. These stores often simply removed, installed, removed to the CD machine washed mountain, and no way to digest, can only be left there.

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