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Cum Tianjin International Machine Tool Exhibition

Time: 2-5 March 2009 Venue: Tianjin International Exhibition Center

“Sega Machine Tool Fair” has been successfully held the seventh in recent years, as China’s booming Bohai Rim rapid development of industrialization, and the participants of the widely recognized, “Sega Machine Tool Fair” size more than 50% annually The rate of increase of the Bohai Sea region has become the largest and the highest level, showing up in kind, on the Bohai Rim customers the most attractive professional international exhibition. “Sega Machine Tool Fair” uphold the rich resources and experience before the seventh, will certainly put up a first-class bridge, first-class arena, business opportunities waiting for you!

Tianjin, China in the next decade, take off

Tianjin Binhai is the only gathering of the port, development zone, bonded area, the marine high-tech development zones and in areas of large industrial base, with more than 4031 foreign companies, “Fortune” 500 companies in 45 in this invested in 100 companies, including Motorola, Samsung, Toyota and other leading multinational companies, which are mainly distributed in electronic communications, machinery manufacturing and automotive, bio-pharmaceuticals, food and beverages. As the core enterprise in these areas, they form with supporting a large chain business and industry group, formed four pillar industries Development Zone, an important part.

The State Council on the development of Tianjin high hopes. Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Tianjin work of “two in the nation,” “a chef de file” an important requirement, central to development and opening of Binhai New Area into the layout of the country’s overall strategic development, further defined the orientation to enhance the city of Tianjin. Recently, the State Council approved a “comprehensive reform of Tianjin Binhai New Area, the overall test program.” At present, Tianjin is according to central planning, to promote the implementation of various tasks. Binhai New Area-fat craze is opening up the rise, eight-building industrial functional areas orderly, Airbus A320 will be assembled starting in August the first plane, the East Bonded Area 10 square kilometers in 2008 by the end of all into the land, industrial base new generation of carrier rocket large number of projects progressing smoothly. Tianjin, will open the door to the Sea, built a large carrier to create a good environment for foreign investors to provide more room for development.

Tianjin Binhai New Area will become China’s “car factory”, Tianjin FAW Toyota produces Vios, Corolla, Crown Series car, the total investment will reach 1 billion U.S. dollars; another vehicle plant will be located in a zone; Tianqijituan Sanfeng bus is negotiating joint ventures; Anhui, Singapore, Malaysia Automotive OEMs special vehicles; In addition, TEDA has nearly 40 parts enterprises, TEDA will strive to create service components supporting the automotive industry in North China Garden.

Present, Tianjin, the first batch of 20 major industrial projects have all started construction; new 20 major industrial projects were launched, these projects include: new launch vehicle industrial base project, the China Aerospace (Tianjin) Industry optical and computer control system base project, mobile communication products manufacturing projects, projects of new chip components, new light-emitting display device projects, high-performance computer server project, IC card and the production base of equipment, mining equipment manufacturing base offshore oilfield project, electromechanical equipment manufacturing base of the project group , utility vehicles and special vehicles, items, new energy-saving diesel engine project, seagull precision machining project, the new air-conditioning manufacturing projects, fine chemical base project, car tires supporting the project, Metallurgical Group restructuring projects, high-grade Plate And metal items, cold plate two deep processing projects, port industrial area supporting public works projects, combined heat and power projects. The total investment is 108.8 billion yuan, sales income will be completed 206.9 billion yuan.

Throughout the history of China’s reform and opening up to a gradient of a cycle of ten years the rate of development, Shenzhen, eighties, nineties, Shanghai Pudong, and this new decade, destined to be the 10 in Tianjin Binhai years.

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