The Joy of Car Racing

Nothing beats the sheer thrill and excitement of watching a car race, live or on television. Seeing the cars go at speeds that regular cars cannot even hope to achieve, rooting for your favorite driver, and seeing them win, gives an adrenaline rush that feels like you were part of the race. Racing has regulations too, which keep the drivers safe, and the cars under control. It is a fun sport, with plenty of opportunities for a potential career too.

Car racing started with vehicles that would be considered as painfully slow by today’s standards. Over time, they got faster, and by the 1960s, car racing was very much mainstream already. Fast forward to today, and the media, company sponsorships, and marketing efforts have made it a global sport watched by millions.

There are many categories of car racing. There are professional divisions and amateur ones as well. These contain categories such as rally racing, touring, drag racing, and single seat racing. Most professional race teams are sponsored by a company or car manufacturer, while the amateur drivers use their own cars, modified to their own taste under some limitations.

Some compacts sold by Ford in Edmonton, such as the Focus and Fiesta, are popular for sanctioned street and amateur racing. These are modified to become faster and handle better, using modifications like turbochargers, exhaust upgrades, racing suspension systems, bigger brakes, and wider tires. These cars mostly compete in track events, where they are pitted against cars of similar performance.

The muscle cars sold by Ford in Edmonton have also found a home in racing. Drag racing is a competitive sport, and cars with the most horsepower and torque usually win. Vehicles like the Mustang and GT500 already come with tons of horsepower, but tuners modify these further to produce staggering amounts of power, able to propel these cars much faster than European exotics.

Fort McMurray car dealerships benefit a lot from car racing. Sales have become higher because amateurs and professionals alike purchase cars for tuning. Ford’s own racing division also helps to promote its own cars through its success in the field. Racing not only translates to victory in the track, but to the company and its goals as well.

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