The Renz Combinette Binding Machine Article

A great punch and bind system in the plastic comb style, the Renz Combinette gives you a lot of features for the money. Here is everything you need to know about the Combinette.

The Renz Combinette is a heavy duty and well appointed plastic comb binding machine that, when it comes to such features as sheet punching capacity, stands right up with the all of the competing machines on the market. It works with paper in lengths up to fourteen inches, and gives the user the ability to punch up to an impressive twenty five sheets at a time with its easy to use and well designed manual punching arm.

You’ll find the Combinette is also as rugged a machine as there is on the market. Constructed entirely of metal parts and components, this is a binding machine that is clearly designed to give you and your small to medium sized business years of tough and unwaveringly faithful service. And there are a few forward-looking touches as well: answering the needs of the market, Renz has constructed one of the heaviest duty comb openers you will find on any plastic comb binding machine anywhere, and the depth of margin control is fixed, so you won’t need to worry about making adjustments.

The Combinette is well designed and compact, so it won’t take up a lot of room in your office, and it is created to work with letter and legal sized sheets, and all other paper sizes up to A4.

The Combinette also features an innovative two-lever punching and binding system that allows the plastic binding comb to be opened before you begin punching your sheets. This means that you can place your pages right onto the binding comb as soon as the sheets are punched. This great features makes the process a lot easier in a couple of different ways: it both speeds up the entire binding process, thus increasing your overall productivity, and it also help you to keep all of your pages in the correct sequence.

Here are a few of the dimensions and features of the Renz Combinette:

Compact enough for any office, the machine measures 14.2 inches in length, is 19.3 inches wide, and sits at a height of 3.5 inches. You can move it about the office with ease as well, as it weighs in at a mere 21 pounds.

As mentioned above, the Combinette gives you the ability to punch up to twenty five sheets of 20lb paper. This also translates to the ability to punch varying amounts different-weighted paper measuring up to two and a half millimeters in thickness. As with every binding punch on the market, however, you may see better, cleaner punches if you operate below that capacity. At it’s peak, though, you can expect to be able to punch up to five thousand sheets per hour with the Renz combinette.

As far as binding capacity, the Combinette gives you the ability to put together books and booklets that are up to two inches thick, meaning that with this machine you can create documents that are an impressive five hundred pages. And with the innovative two tiered system, you have the ability to bind as many as two hundred fifty books in an hour’s time.

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